Our Board



Rebecca Latto (President)

Becca is a senior in Applied Physics with an intended minor in Computer Science. Her research is at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in NYC where she’s been spending the past 2 years studying the ocean carbon cycle using data science methods. She also work at the AMNH as a Night at the Museum volunteer and is a secretary for the Society for Physics Students. Please feel free to reach out at rl2797 (at) columbia.edu.



Bárbara Cruvinel Santiago (Graduate Vice President)

Barbara is a first-year Physics Ph.D. student from Brazil. She got her B.S. in Physics at Yale, working at CERN and in AMO as an undergrad, after which she took a gap year at MIT working on LIGO. She now intends to work on instrumentation-related research. Barbara was very active in groups that encouraged women and minorities in science in college, and hopes to continue doing so at Columbia! When she’s not in lab, teaching, or studying for her quals, Barbara likes to play her guitar, run, travel, knit, and talk about politics. Reach out to her at barbara.santiago (at) columbia.edu!


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Olivia Ghosh (Undergraduate Vice President)

Olivia Ghosh is a fourth-year in Columbia College studying Physics. After her first year, she worked in experimental particle physics at CERN, in Professor Emlyn Hughes’ group, for a summer. She spent her junior year at the University of Oxford studying physics and working in Professor Sonia Contera’s biophysics group. Currently, does research in condensed matter physics and nano-electronics in Professor Cory Dean’s group at Columbia. She is excited about getting girls interested in physics, and helping them be successful. In her free time, she plays squash and programs for WKCR-FM, Columbia’s student-run radio station. Reach out to olivia.ghosh (at) columbia.edu.



Manasi Sharma (Secretary/Treasurer)

Manasi Sharma is planning to major in Physics and Computer Science. She lives in Bangalore, India and grew up in the Bay Area, California. She has been passionate about Astrophysics since her childhood, and loves to motivate others about this exciting field. As part of her previous summer research internships during her high school, she conducted research in high-altitude balloon telescope instrumentation at UC Santa Barbara and simulations of gravitational waves using Python programming at ICTS, Bangalore. In her free time, Manasi can be found practicing for her dance team, Columbia Raas, organizing science-based events for the Columbia Science Review, or simply watching her favorite TV show Castle. Reach out at ms5510 (at) columbia.edu.


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Edita Bytyqi  (Mentorship Chair)

Edita Bytyqi is a sophomore in SEAS, majoring in Applied Physics. During her freshman year she volunteered at Prof. Park’s lab group focusing on the absorption of CO2 by Nano-Organic Hybrid Materials in the Earth and Environmental Engineering Department. She is now interested in working on quantum physics research. Edita is very passionate about mentoring having led a mentorship program for two different organizations. Aside from CSWP, she is a board member at Engineers Without Borders – Columbia and a mentor for the Columbia Mentoring Initiative. Reach out at eb3137 (at) columbia.edu.



Anjali Verma (Outreach Chair)

Anjali Verma is a sophomore in SEAS studying Applied Physics, with an intended minor in Operations Research.  She has conducted biophysics research at Stony Brook University where she used mechanics and momentum to improve models of opioid receptor binding.  On campus, she is also involved in the Society of Women Engineers and National Society of Black Engineers.  Would love to meet you, feel free to say hi at arv2131 (at)  columbia.edu!